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Date Update Page
12/11/2017 Added information on University of Iowa Orthopedics Clerkship opportunity Resources for Medical Students
12/29/2017 Created page specifically for MW Regional Conference 2018 MW Conference
1/11/2018 Updated registration info for MW Regional Conference Home
1/11/2018 Added info for Kaiser Permanente IIHC Program for M1s Resources for Medical Students
1/14/2018 Added info for Mayo Clinic Visiting Clerkship Program and Summer Research Program Resources for Medical Students
1/14/2018 Added updated agenda and parking information for MW Conference 2018 MW Conference
1/30/2018 Added info for Visiting Electives Program for Students Underrepresented
in Medicine (VEPSUM) Fellowship – Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Resources for Medical Students
2/6/2018 Added info for UCLA Peds VESP & Children’s Nat’l MSSP Resources for Medical Students
5/24/2018 Added info for UW Med Visiting Scholars Resources for Medical Students
8/1/18 Added information on UCLA, UCSD, Harvard, MSU Resources for Medical Students
8/1/18 Added map of chapters Delegates
8/1/18 Updated E-Board Info and Headshots LMSA Midwest Executive Officers
8/24/18 Updated Delegate Info Delegates
9/12/18 Updated New Chapter Requirements Start a Chapter