Starting an LMSA Chapter

We are excited to hear about your interest in starting a chapter of The Latino Medical Student Association. By creating a chapter, you get access to a region-wide network of Latino Medical Student Leaders, resources to advocate for institutional change at your school, and access to grants and funding to support your community engagements.

To create a chapter: (LMSA and LMSA+)


Step 1 – Gain Local Recognition

Contact your school’s student council, student affairs, or diversity, equity, and inclusion office to inquire about rules in creating a new student organization. Common regulations include:
      1. Number of members to start an organization
      2. Funding limit as provided by student councils
      3. Identifying a faculty advisor to help guide your organization
Reach out to your student body about events and membership opportunities
    1. MEDICAL STUDENTS – Reach out to your class GroupMe if applicable.
      1. Also reach out to other health professional schools at campus, including public health, physical therapy, nursing, physician associate studies, post-baccalaureate students, etc.
    2. UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS – Reach out to science clubs, such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Clubs. Reach out to first-generation student organizations such as TRIO SSS, or your school’s cultural studies centers.
    3. ALL STUDENTS – Highlight incentives in joining!
Organize your first meeting
    1. Invite faculty, giving your group a professional image and making your advisor increasingly invested.
    2. Create a presentation on who LMSA is. Example Given
    3. Outline your ideas for the chapter
    4. Schedule a meeting for voting for executive board positions. These may include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer/Fundraising, Public Relations, Community Service, Regional Coordinator, etc. Create your own positions as you see needed in delegating tasks!

Our Mission

  • Unify all Latino Midwest medical students into one organization
  • Provide a voice for underrepresented medical students
  • Actively promote recruitment / retention of Latino students at all levels
  • Educate medical students on Latino health issues
  • Advocate for the rights of Latinos in health care
  • Provide leadership opportunities for Latinos
  • Promote volunteerism in the Latino community

Step 2- Gain Regional Recognition

In order to best support you and your chapter, we must know that you are active. The following MUST be emailed to cdo.midwest(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)
  • Name and address of your medical school or undergraduate campus
  • Proposed chapter name, usually “XYZ School LMSA”
  • Proposed structure of executive board
    • Month/Semester when transition of leadership occurs
  • Name, Year, Email Address of each executive board member
  • Affirm that each member of the executive board member is a dues-paying LMSA National member, and is in good academic standing with your institution
  • Signed faculty sponsor form
  • Signed LMSA National & Midwest Pledge
  • Drafted local chapter constitution following the format listed in chapter startup guide
  • Complete strategic planning exercise form

Faculty sponsor form, pledge, startup guide, and strategic planning form can all be found at the link below.


We encourage chapter executive board members to attend major LMSA Meetings including House of Delegates, Regional and National Conferences, and SALUD Policy Summits.


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