Active (Paid) Chapter Benefits Include:

  • Funding and lodging assistance to attend the
    1. LMSA Midwest House of Delegates Meeting & Leadership Summit
    2. LMSA Midwest Regional Conference
    3. LMSA National Conference
  • Scholarships
  • Grants
  • Eligibility to participate in research symposium at Regional Conference
  • Discount for Canopy medical Spanish online course


  • One $1,000 scholarship for med student (MD/DO) of active chapter
  • Due December 1st


  • Max of $2000 per year
  • Prize given at RC
  • Max $500 per chapter/year
  • Only for active chapters
  • Submit 30 days prior to event/time when need funds (needs to be approved by board)
  • Must submit report of event to put in website and newsletter

Canopy Medical Apps

Canopy Apps is the winner of multiple awards from the National Institutes of Health to create tools to improve care for non-English speaking patients. As part of our partnership with Canopy, we have arranged for the following three benefits for members:

1. Communicate with Patients in any Language Instantly

Free access to the Canopy Medical Translator app for iOS, a revolutionary technology which enables instant communication with patients in any language. To get the app, click here or search for “canopy” on the App Store and use access code “LMSAvip” after you download.

2. To Improve Your Medical Spanish


Get a free trial of Canopy Medical Spanish Training Platform, and special member pricing if you choose to purchase the entire program.

3. To Get Your Medical Spanish Ability Certified


If you are already a bilingual English-Spanish healthcare provider, certify your Medical Spanish ability today by taking the National Certification for Bilingual Healthcare providers exam with special member pricing for members.

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