Join the LMSA Midwest Executive Board

Serving on the LMSA Midwest Executive Board is an exciting opportunity to turn your vision of LMSA Midwest into reality. Serve on a seat designed for your interest and skills, from hands-on community development to information technology, the LMSA Midwest region wants YOU on our board.

Elected Positions

Elected positions are voted on by the LMSA Regional Delegates at the annual regional conference business meeting or house of delegates meeting. This business meeting usually occurs during the final day of the conference. 


Any dues-paying LMSA Midwest member can run for an elected position.


A member may run either by (1) submitting a complete application including statements of purpose, curriculum vitae, and resume which will then be distributed to the greater LMSA Midwest student member body for review and subsequently voted on during the annual business meeting OR (2) receiving a floor nomination (FLOOR NOMINATIONS ARE ONLY ALLOWED IF THERE ARE LESS THAN 4 COMPLETE APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED) during the business meeting from another LMSA Midwest member or through a self-nomination. A member may accept or reject a floor nomination. 

Running members will then need to be present at the business meeting to deliver a speech summarizing their qualifications and reasons for running for their chosen position. There will then be a Q&A session where voting members may ask a running member questions pertaining to their run for the given position.

The Chief Information Officer shall be present at all elections and serve as time-keeper and voting tracker. This is to ensure all running members receive no more or no less time to deliver their speech and answer their Q&A than any other running member.


Explore the table below for brief descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of each elected position.


The deadline to submit an application for an elected position is February 2nd, 2024

Co-Director (2 Positions)
Heads of LMSA Midwest responsible for planning the House of Delegates meeting in the Fall and securing the Regional Conference location in the Spring. Sets the agenda and presides over monthly executive board conference calls. Must attend the Midwest House of Delegates Meeting, Midwest Regional Conference, National Conference, NHMA Conference, GLAS and LMSA National Retreat.
Co-Director Elect (1 Position)
Expected to aid the Co-Directors in leadership of the LMSA Midwest Executive Board, including attendance of Directors Meetings, in addition to their existing responsibilities per LMSA Midwest Constitution III.4.1.1. **Position elected at LMSA House of Delegates Conference in the Fall**
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) (1 Position)
Manages the funds for LMSA Midwest, prepares the budget by June 1 annually and presents the financial reports of the organization to the executive board. Manages the LMSA Midwest banking accounts and aids the Fundraising Chair in overseeing exhibitor recruitment to the regional conference. Additionally, oversees submission of annual taxes and reimbursements to regional members.
Chief Development Officer (CDO) (1 Position)
Liaison for the Midwest chapters of LMSA. Maintains an accurate database of current LMSA Midwest members. Recruits new chapters and members in the region. Ensures annual reports from each chapter are completed for the House of Delegates meeting.
Chief Information Officer (CIO) (1 Position)
Records the minutes of all meetings for the region. Manages meetings following parliamentary procedure adhering to Roberts’ Rules of Order. Sets up conference calls for monthly executive board meetings. Leads LMSA Midwest executive board elections at LMSA Midwest Regional Conference.

Appointed Positions

Appointed positions are assigned by the incoming elected board members, who include the incoming Co-Directors, CFO, CDO, and CIO.


Any dues-paying LMSA Midwest member can run for an appointed position.


A member can run by submitting a complete application for their position of interest by the deadline. Members may run for more than one position, but must express their interest behind each position they run for in their application.


Explore the table below for brief descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of each appointed position.


The deadline to submit an application for an appointed position is February 25th, 2024

Policy and Academic Affairs Co-Chairs (2 Positions)
Develops policy resolutions and assists members in crafting their own policy resolutions. Organizes the research symposium at the regional conference. Responsible for the biennial newsletter.
Fundraising Chair (1 Position)
Oversee the LMSA Midwest Medical Student, Pre-Medical, and DREAMer scholarships. This includes obtaining funds to continue and expand scholarship opportunities, application creation, and selection of scholarship recipients. The position also oversees obtaining funding for the LMSA Midwest Conference, the major form of revenue for LMSA Midwest. This includes putting together the LMSA Midwest Prospectus, contacting residency programs, medical schools and other possible sponsors.
Mentorship Co-Chairs (2 Positions)
Responsible for LMSA Midwest interests with regards to premedical students such as recruitment, communication and mentorship. Maintains an accurate database of premed members and sits on the national mentorship committee.
Public Relations Co-Chairs (2 Positions)
Represents LMSA Midwest on social media. Manages communications with the regional membership. Sits on the National External Affairs committee and works with regional media.
Community Affairs / Service Chair (1 Position)
Coordinates a service-related activity during the regional conference. Promotes chapter-level and regional-level community service events however possible (e.g. ensuring chapters meet their annual service requirement and supporting them in doing so, working with PR to showcase service initiatives on social media, organizing a regional service event in a central location).
Webmaster (1 Position)
Maintains the LMSA Midwest website and manages registration for regional events. Develops and maintains regional conference companion mobile app.
Wellness and Community Building Chair (1 Position)
Completes a wellness assessment to gauge the needs of LMSA Midwest medical students. Includes wellness material in the Midwest newsletter and incorporates wellness events at the House of Delegates and Midwest regional conference.
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