HOD 2013

The 2013 House of Delegates Conference was held at the University of Iowa in Iowa City! This event was hosted by the University of Iowa and Des Moines University; the conference was a great opportunity for members to interact with other LMSA chapters, residents, faculty and staff who are leaders in the field of medicine.

After a warm welcome by faculty from both the University of Iowa and Des Moines University, students learned about leadership styles from Dr. Saba Ali, who emphasized the importance of understanding different leadership traits in medicine. Students can benefit from knowing what kind of leader they are, and what characteristics they can contribute to the healthcare team to deliver quality care to their patients. Dr. Salas followed this session by further emphasized the need for culturally competent leadership in medicine, so that health professionals may be able to address health disparities in communities in need.

After lunch, students had an opportunity to ask questions to a panel of physicians on the many opportunities available in academic medicine. Following the panel discussion, Dr. Bedell from the University of Iowa further shared his experiences on how to better connect with patients and the community he served, as well as lessons learned on how to have a meaningful impact when practicing medicine.

This was followed by a session on successful negotiation skills held by Dr. Lewis from Des Moines University, who shared several strategies that can be utilized to have more effective teamwork.  The conference proceeded with the HOD meeting, where members of different LMSA chapters shared their thoughts, comments and concerns about LMSA activities in their schools, as well as plans for future events.

The HOD Conference concluded with a wonderful dinner and social event with students, physicians and residents. The event was an overall success and a great opportunity to grow our chapters in the LMSA Midwest region.

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