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LMSA Midwest organizes three major meetings each year:

  • The House of Delegates (HOD) Meeting, in which delegates from each LMSA Midwest chapter come together to discuss the organization’s focus and agenda for the upcoming year. This meeting also provides an opportunity for members to share the successes of individual chapters and suggest changes to LMSA Midwest’s organizational structure and procedures.
  • The Midwest Regional Conference, where LMSA members from across the region come together to build community, network, participate in various personal and professional workshops, and engage with Latinx faculty and mentors.
  • The National LMSA Conference, which, in conjunction with the other regional boards, provides a forum to connect with chapters across the country. Attendees develop connections with other medical students, prominent faculty members and advisors, as well as residency programs and their representatives.

For more information on our upcoming and past meetings, conferences, and events, please visit our Upcoming Events and Past Events tabs!

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