LMSA Midwest Conferences and Meetings

LMSA Midwest Regional Events


This year’s conference will be from February 16 to February 18, 2024


This year’s conference will be hosted by Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, OH.


We are happy to host medical school, residency, fellowship, public health organizations, and many more at our exhibitor fair. Exhibitors enjoy perks such as complimentary conference attendance and signage on our website, mobile app, and conference program book. For information on how to become an exhibitor, our official conference page contains our prospectus.

What is the House of Delegates? 

Casually referred to as HOD, this is an annual business meeting with representatives of each of our active chapters in the Midwest region.  More about HOD here.

Where can I Find more information as a chapter member?

Chapter Delegates FAQ -Check out this page of frequently asked questions.

LMSA National Events

When is this conference held? 

The LMSA National Conference will be held between September 14th to the 17th!

Where is this conference held?

This year’s conference will be in Atlanta, Georgia. Click the link above to learn more!

LMSA Policy Summit

What is this conference? 

Our annual policy summit is to have our members engage with national leadership and advocate for our community.

When is the next conference?

We have recently voted to change when this conference is hosted. Please look for future announcements for more details.

LMSA Midwest Regional Conference February 16-18, 2024! Click here to register now!