About our LMSA Conferences and Meetings

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LMSA Midwest Regional Events

When is it hosted? 

Typically in February or March

Where is this Hosted?

This conference is hosted by a different LMSA chapter every year. Chapters make a bid to host and one is selected to be our conference host and coordinator. 

Do you have an exhibitors fair at this meeting?

Yes! Please look at our conference page for more information. 

What is the House of Delegates? 

Casually referred to as HOD, this is an annual business meeting with representatives of each of our active chapters in the Midwest region.  More about HOD here.

Where can I Find more information as a chapter member?

Chapter Delegates FAQ -Check out this page of frequently asked questions.

LMSA National Events

LMSA National Conference

When is this conference held? 

We recently changed when this conference is hosted at the national level. This conference will now be held in the fall.

When is the next conference?

Expected to be had in the fall of 2023. Follow us on social media for earliest announcements. Additional information will be posted on our webpage when public announcements are made. 

LMSA Policy Summit

What is this conference? 

Our annual policy summit is to have our members engage with national leadership and advocate for our community.

When is the next conference?

We have recently voted to change when this conference is hosted. Please look for future announcements for more details.

LMSA Residency Fair

Inaugural Event Happening Sept 23-24.

LMSA is hosting our inaugural 2022 residency fair for our M3s and M4s to meet with residency program representatives and take advantage of this amazing networking opportunity! Please disseminate this information to your chapters!

On Friday Sept 23, we will be hosting workshops to help give tools and advice to our students about what happens after ERAS applications are submitted and how to best succeed during the residency fair.

On Saturday Sept 24, we will be hosting residency programs from all over the United States who are interested in talking to our students!

There will also be prices for attendees who participate in a special game during the fair. Top prizes include a cash price of $500, an iPad, and an Eko stethoscope! Sketchy has also donated two, completely free 12-month memberships.

If you have any questions, please reach out to residencyfair(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)lmsa.net