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Response to the MSU East Lansing Campus shooting, a call to action

Urgent Statement Release

Open Now through November 30th

Scholarships currently available: 

    1. LMSA MW Pre-Medical Student Scholarship
    2. LMSA MW DREAMer Student Scholarship
    3. LMSA MW Medical Student Scholarship

Awardees must be either a resident of or attending schools within the LMSA Midwest region states. For more information on eligibility and LMSA requirements, please refer to the Google Form.

For questions email Raquel Valdes at fundraising.midwest(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) 

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LMSA National Mentoring Program is open for applications!

The LMSA National Mentorship Program is now open for applications. Undergraduates, medical students, and physicians are all welcome to join. If you are interested in becoming a mentor/mentee, or for more information, please click on the button below. 

 Applications are due on OCTOBER 1st! Don’t miss the deadline! Let’s come together to increase  Latina/o/x/e, Hispanic, or Spanish Origin + (LHS+) representation in medicine.

Questions? Please email mentoring(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

LMSA National Mentorship Program
Applications Due October 1st

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House of Delegates 2022!


HOD is around the corner!

Delegates! See announcements, information, and more on our HOD 2022 page on the button below!

Your Vote Matters #VOTA!

LMSA, your vote matters! Your voice matters at every level-the national, state, and local elections that determine our governance and the governance of our patients and community. 

Check your registration to vote. School and work keep us all busy! Check if absentee ballots are available to you. 

Other ways to provide civic duties include becoming a poll worker to help others be able to vote. Maybe even have your local LMSA chapter help the community vote #Service

For additional resources check out Voto Latino! Who remind us that our vote is our power.