LMSA Service Reporting

LMSA Service Reporting

The LMSA National Service Committee is excited to announce that the three LMSA chapters with the most service will get prizes at the National Conference 2022 on March 2nd-6th! (We will mail them if you are not able to attend.) 

We are so proud of your commitment to service – so we can’t wait to recognize you! The LMSA National Service Committee wants to learn about your chapter’s service! We recognize that our organization has a storied legacy of service! Help us quantify our impact through the LMSA Service Reporting Tool.  Please submit your chapter’s service acts here:  

We are counting service events from November 1st until National Conference (extended deadline) for prizes. Service events can be one-time events or longitudinal services of different types (community service, school service, etc.) It is important to us to recognize and celebrate our chapters’ amazing work throughout the country! Please feel free to use the LMSA National Service Toolkits to develop your service events. There are a variety of toolkits from Mini-Medical School, Book Drives, Winter Collection Drive, etc. These toolkits have been designed to streamline your planning of service events.  Lastly, as you report your service events, we will be highlighting your chapter’s service events through Instagram and Twitter. We would love to share your amazing work with everyone and inspire others to get involved! Please report your service completed before March 1, 2022, for your chance to win prizes for your chapter.

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